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Crash Pack & Parts – Black, NightHawk DM007


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Crash Pack & Parts – Black, NightHawk DM007

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Although the NightHawk & NightOwl DM007 Spy Series Explorers RTF Quadcopter RC helicopter (and hundred other abbreviations and names) is extremely difficult to damage while flying – the crash pack is here for you, just in case!

With all remote control helicopters, we’re bound to bump into objects, have hard landings, and damage the outer units of our quadcopter and remote control models. It’s part of the game, and part of the learning process. The NightHawk & NightOwl 007 Series Spy Explorer models are not immune to damage of the propellers, motors, landing gear, LED lights, camera or the body. It’s imperative we learn slowly in order to refrain from constant repairs of our units.

If you need replacement parts, they’re always here for you – just in case you love to fly fast while maneuvering, flip through fences, or have harder than normal landings. For large discounts, or specific parts. Please contact me.

All packs with a checked label, have been manually checked for proper bodies, parts count, and added parts as requested. No pack ships without a sticker!
Top & Bottom Black Body
Front & Back LED blue covers
Front and back blue LED covers
Battery door cover
12 Black Propeller Blades (3 sets).
4 White Propeller Blades (1 set).
Blade Protectors (full set, all four)
Landing Skids Set (Left & Right)
Motor set. All Four Motors!

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